Compact All-Round Tent (C.A.T.) as an emergency shelter.


The Compact All-round tent was initially made as an emergency shelter, but has evolved into so much more. But these pictures will describe the use as an emergency shelter in the Norwegian mountains. With one anchor point (a ski in this example)and the weight of your body the C.A.T. will be stormproof. You can do this in a few seconds. Of course you can secure it even more by anchoring it with more skis, skipoles or other stuff.


One anchor point (ski) and the cord from one of the doors is done in seconds. It may take a bit longer if you are injured or if the storm has reached you already. We recommend that you always pack the tent with one of the doors closed and the cord hanging out of the transportation bag. Then you can anchor the tent before you pull it out of the bag.


Combined with your bodyweight the tent will be stormproof. The shape of the tent will not allow the wind to get a hold of any textile. Make sure you set the tent along with the wind direction.


You can add more skis, skipoles or whatever you need to secure it even more. In this picture we also set up a ground signal to make it easier for the First Responders to find us.


The last picture is a simple knot used to make sure there will not be any wind blowing through the end that is pointed towards the wind. Simply make a knot around the textile and pull it thorugh all the webbing loops.

Stay safe!

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