Test & Evaluation

MCD offers test and evaluation services for products intended for use in first responder, military and law enforcement units.

In addition we can do test and evaluation of products intended for the outdoors- market.

The tests and evaluations will be conducted under full confidenciality.

Test – Team 80TWO

MCD is a small team, but we have a lot of friends!

We have testpanels in outdoors-companies, first responder units and in many different military units and special forces units.

Our testpanels operates in many different parts of the world. Depending on the products we are testing, we select the right testpanels, areas and scenarios.


What’s our expertise?

Take a look at each category for more insight into our current testprograms.
If you have needs outside our test-categories or test-programs please contact us for a discussion.


User tests of small arms, crew served weapons and ammunition in rough enviroment.


User friendliness and overall performance testing of optics for the professional or recreational user.

Mobility equipment

User friendliness and stresstesting load carrying equipment, pulks, snowshoes among other.
All the way from single pieces up to complete systems.

Endurance and survival equipment

User tests of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, stoves, food and lots of other stuff in rough terrain and climate.

Protection equipment

For the law enforcement and armed forces market, we can provide user tests of ballistic protection like body armour, helmets, glasses or goggles. We will also be able to test signature redusing (camouflage) equipment, enviromental protection like clothing an boots.

For the outdoors and hunting market we can provide tests of clothing, footwear, glasses, impact protection, and camouflage.

Medic/ First responder kit

End user testing of stretchers, medic bags and first aid kits in rough terrain and demanding scenarios.