MCD M.A.C.S – Modular All-round Carrying System

Under development

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We are developing a carrying system that will be a game changer for all operatives.
The system will be 100% modular and have already been tested and shown to save 10% energy for the user! This is due to the patented carrying system.

To show interest and to keep updated on the progress of this product just add to chart and check out. We will get back to you with news.


MCD M.A.C.S – Modular All-round Carrying System

Will start to appear early in 2017 and our goal is to have to full blown system ready in 2018

Why wait so long and why are we telling you this?

Well first of, this will be a game changer for sure, and we want to test all the solutions thoroughly before we launch this product. However all our product launched up until the release date will be made to fit the MCD M.A.C.S. SO you will have something to look forward to!


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