Compact All-Round Tent Configurations

There are many ways to put up your tent. It depends on different weather or to keep bugs out. Some of the methods are shown in the pictures in our webshop. Here we provide a few more, just to give you some ideas.

First one out is a setup with bungees. Bungees comes in many different lengths and colors. Some like them bright and in fresh colors so they don’t trip into them. Others may need them in colors that blends in.

As you can see, we have anchored them in the D-rings at each end of the tent and stretched them around a couple of trees. The right end of the tent is close to one tree and the other with some more distance. The purpose of this setup is to have an open area in one end (left in the picture), where we have decided that the entrance should be. In the other end its possible to store your backpack and gear inside your tent. We like to sleep with our head in the area where we have stored the backpack. That makes it possible to get hold of stuff without getting up or getting out of the tent. In the entrance-end of the tent, we store boots. You can also see that we have opened the doors in each end to let in a lot of fresh air and thus prevent moist in the tent. This setup works when there is not to much wind, but you need cover from rain or light snow. If you are worried that there will be heavy snow, we will recommend using paracord or other cords that doesn’t flex like the bungees.


Another way of setting up your tent is when there are less chance of rain, but a higher chance there will be bugs (Probably not when this picture was taken). When you are using the mosquito-net, we will recommend you stretch it out and away from your head to have some spacing to the bugs. It’s not pleasant to have them crawling right on top of your face. We have also rolled up both of the wind- and waterproof doors to gain maximum air circulation. This will keep you bug-free and you will have little to no moist inside your tent.


When you have snuggled up inside your tent you can use the bungee loops at the door ends for storage or to air-ventilate your socks etc.


We will provide more tips and hints about the C.A.T. during the winter and spring.

Best regards Mission Critical Designs crew.



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