The P.R.S.T™ 1″ Ball head is our lightweight and minimalist solution  to accompany our Tripod. We landed on this lightweight design in order to find a compromise between no ball head or a high-end ball head, which normally cost four times more. In every design process you end up in a give and take situation. On the BH 1 we sacrificed a litte smoothnes of operation, in order to save roughly the weight of a 30 round 5.56 round magazine. In our Scout/sniper world every ounce count!

The BH 1 is treated with Cerakote™ to minimize the contours and, even if it’s light and small our, tests show that it can handle the weight, and recoil of the Barrett M82 .50 caliber with ease.

Weight  10 oz / 286 grams
Load rating 40 lbs /20 Kg
Height 3,1 “ / 8 cm

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